Torque Fitness X-Lab (Group Training)

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 Torque Fitness X-Lab (Group Training)

Unlimited group training potential!

The X-Lab Spider series maximizes the number of users for your small group training classes while utilizing the smallest square footage of any group training system available. Whether your classes involve suspension training, resistance band, kettle bell, medicine ball, ground rotational training, plyometrics, etc., the X-Lab Spider puts the tools each athlete needs right where they need them.

More users in less space. With X-LAB 1.0S and a footprint of under 30 square feet, six athletes can train at one time under the careful guidance of a single instructor. The X-Lab spider can be scaled up for additional users and customized for whatever training methods you wish to offer.

No other system utilizes space as efficiently as the X-Lab Spider Series. No other system allows unlimited options to train multiple users on the same unit performing the same movement.


Solution to CrossFit

Today, there are over 4,000 CrossFit affiliates in 67 countries.
The X-Lab was designed specifically for health clubs to offer a strength solution for group training.
The X-Lab allows one trainer to run a class size of six clients where everyone moves from exercise to exercise doing the same movement simultaneously.

Eight specialized workout station options. Personal trainers will only be limited by their own imagination.
Accessory trays are available to store kettle bells, medicine balls, and other accessories.
Reduced physical and mental fatigue through nearly unlimited exerxise variety that is hard to outgrow
Tailor your group exercises towards a sports specific work out, flexability, or an MMA style with our punching bag attachment.


The X-Lab is fully scalable. This allows a club, tight on space or budget, to creat a specialized group workout center.
Ability to expand from the X-Lab 1 to the 2,3,4, or 5.
With all of its options, X-Lab is the right choice for any gym that wants to compete in the CrossFit market.


Please see Torque Fitness for detailed configurations.