Why are there delays?

Here is a breakdown of what we are receiving from all of our suppliers on the delays.....

Factories: All factories were shut down at the start of COVID where all the products were completely sold out and now they are trying to get caught up

World Wide: The factories overseas are supplying products all over the world, not just Saskatoon & Regina

Raw Materials: there are HUGE shortages of raw materials due to the mass increase of demand in products

Shipping: containers are stuck and not shipping out from Asia due to the shortage of containers to put products into to bring over. Plus with the increase in demand of products from all the other industries, there is now a shortage with boats bringing containers over. Once containers do arrive in Canada, there are then delays at our Canadian ports due to amount of overwhelming orders.

Suppliers: they are back logged due to their own orders to their customers plus sending out to us as retailers. Some of them are legally restricted to a small # of warehouse workers at a time dependent of where they are located and the increased high order volumes do not make it any easier on their teams.

Lastly……on the news you may have heard that the COVID Vaccines are delayed too...everything is affected/impacted

At the time you ordered, yes, the timeline provided could have been the timeline as that was what we were provided. The world is not functioning normally, so delays are an expectation and unfortunately out of our control. We cringe to even provide any sort of ETA as they have all been impacted and pushed back several times, its not something we have control over. Our updates as well do not always come in a timely manner either from our suppliers.

We appreciate your business, patience & understanding as we navigate through these unprecedented times. #bekind #staysafe