Torque X-Rack Add On's
Torque X-Rack Add On's Torque X-Rack Add On's Torque X-Rack Add On's


Torque X-Rack Add On's

NOTE: Picture shown with Triple cross chin up option.

Create your own BOX and never miss a WOD with the professional quality wall mounted X-Rack Warrior Arsenal. The X-Rack is the real deal, not a scaled down, lower quality rack created to hit a price point. Torque Fitness took the same 3” square 11 gauge uprights, cross members, and 7/16” thick plate J-Hooks with U.H.M.W. wear guards that they use in the extreme rigs and racks they supply to commercial CrossFit Boxes, and packaged them in a system that warriors can train on at home.

**The standard package consists of a 4’ squat rack with the option of 8’, uprights, two J-Hooks, and a single cross chin-up.


Expand your X-Rack capabilities with a plethora of training stations and attachments. Built in weight storage keeps your space organized and stabilizes the rack for pull-up work. The single cross chin up not only gives you permanent location for your rings or suspension straps, but also provides a lower chin-up height, which is adjustable, which allows you and even your short friends to train on your rack.